A Ladies Couch Throw

My client wanted to recover her couch with something intoxicatingly lovely. We worked together on this cornucopia/Medusa image, pulling from design sources she enjoyed.

It is painted in artist oils, on a canvas ground and will be sculpted into a fitted throw.

Touch-up to a Fire Damaged Wall

This wall had been doubly impacted by fire damage and also the removal of a panel of sorts.

The wall finish is a type of caenstone with mica filaments throughout and is not easily touched up. I used custom tinted lime, creating/mimicking the texture by a skip and scratch sponge finish.

An Aluminum Leafed, Stenciled Ceiling

Create a glowing, romantic environment out of a previously bland space.

Dutch metals are relatively cost effective and create a lot of bang for the buck.

Real gold and silver leaf is, of course, much more beautiful and also a lot more expensive.

The finish can be achieved with metallic paints too, so there is room for any budget to create this effect.

Antique Brick and Wall Restoration

Third street San Francisco brick and wall transformation;

This building used to house a coffee roasters in the late 1800’s and mid 1900’s.
As I worked I kept bumping into ancient coffee beans in the rafters. The crew and I often wondered if they’d still make a good brew!

It had had all it’s beautiful exposed brickwork painted a shiny beige, the plaster walls too. It was quite a large job and here is the blurry photo of the approved sample I created. Hey it was all the way back in 2013 so forgive me!