New Trellis and Gate Transformation

Repair and restoration are all part of maintaining a gracious home for family and friends, so when my client’s trellis collapsed in a storm we knew there would be troubleshooting to do.

The trellis and gate were built out of un- patinaed, raw wood. It was all pretty alarming as the blond, new wood abutted the old, beautifully distressed wood. I matched my custom stain and glazes to the existent wood, recreating the beauty of age, setting them back into the foliage and making an inviting, old world space again.

Ross California

Powder Room Gold Starburst with a Skew

Powder room Starburst with a skew.

Another delightful project with the talented JoAnn Hartley Interiors and new client Fiona Dorst of La Belle Fifi Corte Madera.

Fiona has a lingerie boutique where she serves bourbon and champagne to the clientele as they shop. She is quite the personality with wit and a rich laugh. So when she asked me to paint something ‘borderline obnoxious’ I was  on board immediately.

Here it is! A fun, sophisticated take on a well loved, classic treatment – black, champagne and gold