Pink Marble and Stenciled Wainscoting with Gilded Lionhead

Pink marble and stenciled wainscoting “Yucatan project”.

This project was fascinating on many levels. I was in a foreign country having to source materials and equipment with no common language! Intrepid? Not really, the Yucatáns are a gracious people and happy to help.

The home was a lovely melange of history, the pool room still had the hooks for worker’s sleeping hammocks!

Her walls were too dowdy for her nature though and the clients were eager to embellish. 

The Yucatán has a high water table, so suppuration is constant and the necessity to maintain the paint – also constant.

The finishes therefore had to be simple.

We chose paint for the lions head over Dutch metal to avoid tarnishing, the marbleized diamonds being the only areas that needed an expert to address, their height protecting them from the water table onslaught.

Bringing a space or building back to its true nature is a passion and this building is one of my all time favorites.