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Most work accomplished in the greater San Francisco Bay Area

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Peta painting Bald Eagle
Peta painting fine art
Mural Art Projects

One of my larger murals was done for a marina in Alameda. The building was an awful brown color reminiscent of something nasty and was also the backdrop for a beautiful rose garden. The gardeners and I transformed it into a reflection of the bay facing it.

What a relief!

Alameda Marina mural Peta ladder
Peta on a ladder, painting a mural of the Bay
Gilding Projects
Pic for gilding section

Metal leaf is so empowering and earthy, it’s a great backdrop.

Here I am gilding, in Dutch Metal, the background to one of my screens

So luminous!

Faux Finishing Projects
Peta's hand holding a handle to a wood grained door

I’ve always felt Faux Finishing to be something that ‘marries’ the elements of a room. It has to be done perfectly, otherwise the finish will fail.

Here is a door I wood grained to match the surrounding cabinetry. It was a perfect match!

Always lovely to have a satisfied client.

Project Archives
Peta in a bathroom, gesturing at the wall finish

This was a small project from  JoAnn Hartley Interiors but I really enjoyed it. The finish was challenging and the clients delightful

I eventually used an obscure woodgraing tool to achieve it.

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