Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light

Oakland Cathedral of Christ the Light

New Cathedral Open for Worship

Hundreds of parishioners joined four cardinals and priests from throughout the state for the dedication ceremony at the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland… the $190 million structure, which will be the principal church of the Oakland Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church…

The most revolutionary thing about the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland may be that it looks so subdued.

Two soft curves of densely patterned glass rest on a concrete base, tilted toward each other so that at their crest they nearly meet. The interior doesn’t suggest a religious structure so much as an abstract vase that just happens to be 12 stories tall.

But inside, the story is different. From the warm layers of Douglas fir that drape the sanctuary like a tent, to the chapels notched into the concrete like snug caves, the cathedral stands as a house of worship attuned to the 21st century – one that seeks to offer a sense of refuge rather than an aura of majesty…

— 2008 SF Chronicle Newspaper Article.

Peta was among several talented Bay Area artists contracted with to provide finishing touches to the cathedral’s interior. Peta created the ceiling finishes of the Meditation Chapel Sanctuaries on each side of the main gallery. She also painted the ceiling of the exterior entry hall of this amazing cathedral.

The results are an excellent example of her color and texture matching skills. She performed her faux magic by matching the polished plaster walls beneath them in these meditation sanctuaries.

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