Villa Taverna San Francisco – Barbary Coast Speak Easy

One of my favorite projects of the year and a new creative connection with Alice Wiley Associates and Susan Marazza.

The revival of the the club’s back bar was overdue, the paneling outdated and the walls too conservative a hue for what was, in essence, a Barbary Coast Speak Easy.

Colour saturation was essential and the designers and I wanted the space to glow with a luminosity that harkened back to a time when its timbers were firstly a candlelit tall ship, then a sculpture garden and residence to Frida Karlo and Diego Riviera and today the prestigious private club of discerning locals.

The space is irregular, so needed the gravitas of the bullocks blood red wall wash/polish and black lacquered paneling to pull the exposed brick wall and the space itself together.

As I worked with brush and sponge I also, in my mind’s eye imbued too, endeavoring to rejuvenate the space, revitalizing her walls and leaving her feeling whole again.